WeRide Granted the Approval for Autonomous Driving Testing on Airports' High-Speed Roads in Beijing

Recently, the Beijing Municipal High-Level Autonomous Driving Demonstration Area Office issued a notice regarding the autonomous driving testing roads and areas for high-speed ways to and back from the airport. WeRide became one of the pioneers to obtain the qualification for high-speed road testing within the demonstration area. With the announcement of the new airport high-speed testing scenario, WeRide will also accelerate its road testing efforts along the airport expressway, continuously advancing towards the demonstration phase for passenger transportation.

20230927-174858.jpeg (WeRide Robotaxi at Beijing Daxing International Airport)

During the 2023 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference, Beijing launched its first autonomous shuttle service from Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 to the new China International Exhibition Center. WeRide received approval to operate on the Capital Airport expressway, providing VIP shuttle services for event attendees, covering a round trip distance of over 17 kilometers. This successfully addressed the autonomous driving challenges from low speed to high speed and from urban to the airport, further expanding the scope of autonomous driving shuttle service scenarios on fixed routes.

WechatIMG706.jpeg (WeRide Robotaxi at the 2023 World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference)

Airport shuttle service is an important part of citizens' transportation needs, carrying essential social activities such as business, tourism, family visits, and more. In the future, WeRide will systematically conduct road testing between Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area and Beijing Daxing International Airport Terminal, covering multiple urban and expressway scenarios, including approximately 40 kilometers of high-speed routes, to provide citizens with more efficient and comfortable airport shuttle services.

20230927-174914.jpeg (WeRide Robotaxi at Beijing Daxing International Airport)

Since obtaining the authorization for driverless road testing in the Beijing Intelligent Connected Vehicles Policy Pilot Zone in October 2022, WeRide has experienced rapid growth and development in Beijing, quickly entering the stage of driverless Robotaxi for passenger transportation.

Currently, within the core area of 225 square kilometers in Beijing Yizhuang, citizens can use the WeRide Go App to hail a fully driverless Robotaxi to go to designated areas such as subway stations, core business districts, large office parks, and more.

Robotaxi (WeRide Robotaxi)

The launch of the airport expressway autonomous driving shuttle testing represents an expansion of WeRide's autonomous driving technology application scope and a broadening of its service scenarios. It marks a solid step forward for WeRide on its path towards driverless commercial operation.

20230927-174907.jpeg (WeRide Robotaxi at Beijing Daxing International Airport)

In addition to Robotaxi, WeRide also showcased a range of products, including Robobus and Robosweeper, at the World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference, providing a comprehensive display of the company's product strength and diverse applications.

WechatIMG705.jpeg (WeRide Robobus)

WechatIMG708.jpeg (WeRide Robosweeper)

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