WeRide and Horizon Robotics signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding

On January 19th, WeRide, a self-driving technology company, and Horizon Robotics, an intelligent driving computing solutions provider, signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding. WeRide will use Horizon Robotics' Journey® 5 chip (referred to as the "Journey® 5 chip") development platform and the WeRide One software solution to develop L4-level autonomous driving solutions, including domain controllers, in-car operating systems, and intelligent driving software. The aim is to create globally leading domestically produced products that will help drive commercialization and large-scale deployment.


As the industry and market continue to evolve, the commercialization of L4 autonomous driving products is becoming increasingly important. With its "software, hardware, and cloud platform" integrated development capabilities for autonomous driving platform WeRide One, WeRide has successfully developed an L4-level autonomous driving product matrix that covers Robotaxi, Mini Robobus, Robovan, and Robo Street Sweeper. WeRide's L4 autonomous driving research and development and implementation have always been at the forefront of the global industry, with more than 13 million kilometers of autonomous driving experience accumulated to date.


As a leading provider of intelligent driving computing solutions globally, Horizon Robotics continuously empowers the autonomous driving industry with efficient vehicle-integrated intelligent chips. Since the end of 2021, WeRide and Horizon Robotics have already collaborated on the development of Robotaxi and Mini Robobus central computing platforms based on the Journey® 5 chip and are currently working to promote commercial deployment. Building on this foundation, WeRide will continue to deepen its research and development cooperation with Horizon Robotics, exploring and breaking through the functional limits of the WeRide One autonomous driving platform and Horizon Robotics' intelligent vehicle development platform using the powerful performance advantages and flexible development platform of the Journey® 5 chip. They aim to create an L4-level autonomous driving solution that is affordable, integrated, and tailored to the entire urban market, leading the way for future large-scale commercialization of intelligent driving.


Through deep strategic cooperation based on L4-level autonomous driving solutions, WeRide and Horizon Robotics will enhance their technical accumulation in intelligent driving technology architecture, continuously explore new possibilities for the Journey® 5 chip, accelerate Horizon Robotics' follow-up chip products and service upgrades, and provide higher-quality acceleration for advanced autonomous driving implementation. On the other hand, it will also help promote WeRide's subsequent software system and technology architecture research and development iterations and enhance the technical and commercial value of WeRide's L4 autonomous driving solutions.