What is WeRide One?

WeRide One is a highly compatible autonomous driving solution platform which can be easily adopted to a wide range of urban-centered target use cases. It constitutes of a full stack of industry-leading application software, a flexible set of hardware and a comprehensive infrastructure software platform.

WeRide One is a truly one-for-all and all-for-one platform for urban autonomous driving applications. Designed with high flexibility on both the software and hardware levels. Safety is a priority for WeRide One, with full redundancy at both the algorithm and system level. It is crafted with deep learning models that are self evolving, empowered by closed-loop data driven development methodologies.

The State-of-Art Autonomous Driving Solution
Highly flexible
Our algorithm can self-improve faster based on feedback data from all our existing autonomous driving use cases. It also allows our technology to easily adapt to new vehicle types and explore new applications.
Fully redundant
WeRide One has full redundancy to ensure safe running during all range of driverless scenarios, on both the hardware and software layers as well as on the operation level. Meanwhile, our remote assistance platform offers additional support to our autonomous vehicles amid complex traffic situations and road conditions.
WeRide One employs deep learning models designed in-house for perception, prediction and planning modules. Instead of using predefined rules, these models are designed to learn from driving data collected by all of our fleets.
Every Component Matters
  • Perception
  • Prediction
  • Planning and Control
  • Proprietary operating system
  • Integrated onboard computing unit
  • Modular sensor suite
  • Simulation platform
  • Cloud IDE


We adopt a sophisticated perception framework with dual paths. The combination or "fusion" of camera, LiDAR, radar and inertial motion sensors also enables 360-degree sensing with redundancy for our autonomous vehicles free of blind spots, with best-in-class performance also at poor visibility ensured by AI-based enhancement algorithms. Most of our perception models can achieve a latency of less than 10ms. With our perception system, we can achieve 99% detection accuracy, and the object contour error is less than 5 centimeters. The modules provide results not only from detection, but also from understanding of surrounding objects and scenes.


WeRide self-driving into "village in the city"

WeRide SS 5.0 fully self-driving roadtest