Renault Joins Forces with WeRide for Low-Carbon Public Transit Practice in Europe

On May 15, the global leading automobile manufacturer Renault Group officially announced its future autonomous driving strategy, with WeRide deeply involved in its exploration of low-carbon public transit. The two parties will collaborate to launch an autonomous shuttle service during the 2024 French Open (May 26 to June 9), shuttling between event venues and parking lots.

图1.jpg (WeRide Robobus 'dons' the same 'clay court' livery as Roland Garros Stadium)

Renault Group has been closely monitoring the European public transportation market and firmly believes in the transformative power of autonomous driving technology within this sector. Renault is not only a key driver and significant participant in propelling European public transportation towards low-carbon, green, and driverless strategies, but also stands as an important strategic investor in WeRide.

As the world's leading autonomous driving technology company, WeRide is committed to promoting low-carbon, green, safe, and efficient autonomous driving solutions. WeRide is the only technology company in the world to hold autonomous driving licenses in China, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, and Singapore simultaneously. At present, WeRide has conducted autonomous driving research, testing, and operations in 30 cities across 7 countries worldwide, offering a variety of high-quality services including ride-hailing, on-demand public transport, intra-city freight, smart sanitation, and advanced driving solutions. 图2.jpg (WeRide Robobus is commencing testing in France)

Renault Group's CTO, Gilles Le Borgne, stated, "Renault is advancing its future autonomous driving strategy. To achieve this, We are partnering with the best global partner in the field of autonomous driving, WeRide. We look forward to launching a series of low-emission autonomous shuttle buses by 2030, in collaboration with WeRide, to meet the growing demand for green public transportation in various regions of Europe." 图3.jpg (WeRide Robobus in France)

This collaboration marks an important step for Renault Group in realizing its future autonomous driving strategy and represents the European debut of WeRide's autonomous driving products, marking a significant milestone.

In the future, both sides will continue to strengthen cooperation, expand scope of collaboration, and strive to introduce validated and mature autonomous driving products and business models to the European market.